Vampire.Pizza Experience at INNSiDE Hotel

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Vampire.Pizza is back in New York and from October 1-31, only INNSiDE hotel guests can “Get Tricked or Treated” with this exclusive Halloween-themed in-room experience to “Eat, Play & Win.”

Just in time for Halloween, INNSiDE by MeliĆ” New York Nomad will be the only place in NYC to experience Vampire.Pizza, a first-of-its-kind “dinneractive” concept.

So how does it work?

  • Hotel guests can order the Vampire.Pizza experience from the front desk to be delivered to their room, along with hot delicious pizza ($75 for pizza + the game)
  • Scan the QR code on the secret mission dossier to initiate the game:
    • “Chapter 1: Welcome To The Vampire Revolution” - Vampire Belle is using an underground network of pizza delivery pros to recruit for the Vampire Revolution. Decode the clues to solve her hidden message.
  • As you sink your fangs into your meal, use the immersive evidence, video messages, and secret phone numbers hidden in your delivery to crack the mystery and relay your answers back to the interactive characters you meet along the way.
  • Covens (hotel guests) that successfully beat their mission are going to #GetTrickorTreated with instant prizes delivered directly to their room, such as decadent chocolates, wine, and 31% off items in the INNY retail shop in honor of Halloween on the 31st.

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