LG Tribute Monarch easily captures & shares

By 7/08/2020 02:36:00 PM

The LG Tribute Monarch, a next-level addition to LG's Tribute Series, is available at Boost Mobile for the limited-time price of $69.99 (retail value: $109.99).

Consumers who make the switch to Boost Mobile can pick up the LG Tribute Monarch in-store for free. While current Boost customers can save by upgrading to the new smartphone for just $49.99.

The device boasts dual cameras and a large display perfect for capturing vivid colors and crisp imagery. The expansive 13-megapixel (MP)+Super wide 120-degree rear camera and 5MP front camera are perfect for large group selfies or to snap solo shots with expansive background scenery.

The device's dynamic 5.7-inch HD+ FullVision™ Notch Display and 19:9 aspect ratio allow you to keep memories close and easily toggle between apps on a device that's nearly all screen.

In addition to the essentials, the LG Tribute Monarch comes equipped with a 2,890 mAh battery that makes it easy to stream and create content without worrying about interruptions. The device also features 32GB ROM, 2GB random-access memory RAM and microSD memory up to 32GB.

Boost Mobile plans offer flexibility, choice and performance

Boost Mobile's affordable prepaid phone plans allow customers to enjoy all the features of their LG Tribute Monarch and save money.

Boost recently launched its new "$hrink-It!" plan, which starts at $45 per month for 15GB and unlimited talk and text. $hrink-It! reduces customers' monthly rates by $5 after three on-time payments, and by an additional $5 after six total on-time payments.

In addition to $hrink-It! and other popular Boost plans, the company recently launched a $35 per month 10GB plan that also includes unlimited talk and text.

Boost Mobile service plans include mobile hotspot and 99% nationwide coverage with voice roaming. Boost has begun, and will continue, to activate customers with a compatible device onto the new T-Mobile network, where customers will receive a stronger signal, faster speeds and more coverage.

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