Blenders Eyewear blue light lenses minimize eye fatigue

By 7/09/2020 01:47:00 PM ,

Blenders Eyewear line of blue light glasses brings fresh and fun styles inside to help those spending longer days in front of a screen.

If you are looking for extra measure of protection for your eyes and to minimize eye fatigue, then Blenders Blue Light styles are designed for you.

"Blenders Blue Light" offers up two designs, each available in four colorways.

The L Series are squared, lightweight frame and features Blenders signature bright colors with names including, "Social Cat," "Data Daze," "Smart Rebel," and "Hustle Up."

The Coastal are more rounded style with subtle splashes of color coming through on the arms in "Classy Attitude," Money Meister," "Project Whiskey," and "Clearly Wild."

All styles are available for under $50.

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