Dark & Lovely 'Protective Styles' Line Of Hair Care

By 4/09/2020 06:33:00 PM

Dark and Lovely has released a new range of "Protective Styles Collection" products designed to make wearing protective styles easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Protective styles are one of the fastest growing hair care categories today, allowing women to embrace their unique and personal style while maintaining growth and hair health.

"Everywhere I look, I see some of the fiercest women with these amazing protective styles," explains Kristen Blandon, Vice President of Marketing at SoftSheen-Carson. "These styles are meant to protect our coils and tresses, and we know it doesn't always feel that way. That's why we designed carefully formulated solutions just for us, just for our needs."

The Dark & Lovely Protective Styles collection helps relieve, refresh, and recover with its four-product line to ensure an ultimate slay through any style.


  • Tension Tamer (4 Fl. Oz) - Eases tension caused by wearing a protective style thanks to its formula infused with peppermint & avocado oil, which provides a refreshing, cooling sensation and helps maintain healthy-looking hair at the scalp.


  • Cleansing Water (8 Fl. Oz) - This micellar cleansing formula seamlessly flows through scalp and hair, gently cleanses, and easily lathers to not disturb your style. It is also tailor made with aloe to leave your hair feeling moisturized after washing.
  • Hair Refresher (3.4 Oz) - Instantly refreshes your protective style with a light burst of fragrance that won't fade all day. This dry shampoo with aloe is a quick and easy way to start the day feeling fresh without leaving any residue. Great for use on your natural hair too!


  • Detangling Cream (6.8 Fl. Oz) - Melts away stubborn buildup for an easier way to detangle your hair during take down. Custom crafted with avocado & peppermint oils to soften and condition your hair throughout your take down process. Also works as an everyday detangler!

The collection is packed with hair-loving ingredients including peppermint, avocado oils and aloe vera to stimulate the scalp, provide moisture, and restore shine.

The Protective Styles Collection is currently available for SRP: $6.99 each at Wal-Mart and RiteAid and later this year at Family Dollar, CVS and Dollar General.

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