Merci Handy colorful sanitizers are vegan with natural ingredients

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European beauty brand Merci Handy has arrived in the U.S. to feature their best selling Hand Sanitizer, which are 98% natural with alcohol derived from beets. The playful brand is focused on clean ingredients with a colorful side of adventurous fun.

Merci Handy products combine clean, non controversial and natural ingredients, and rainbow extracts, with fragrances picked by the best “Noses” from Grasse in Southern France. The colorful, vegan and cruelty free products possess a magical texture and delight the senses.

Hand Cleansing Gels

The pocket-­?sized bottle with a big heart, leaving your hands feeling soft and delicately perfumed. Scents include Flower Power, Hello Sunshine, Unicorn Edition, Namaste, Cross the Lime, Mystic Fruits

Hand Creams

We all love it when our hands are soft. So we've added special emollient pearls into our creams, amongst other treats. Scents include Flower Power, Hello Sunshine, Unicorn Edition, New Wave

Merci Handy products are now available at American Eagle, Riley Rose, and C.O. Bigelow and in more than 3,000 doors across Europe and at Sephora in 16 countries.

Also coming to the U.S. are Slime Shower Gels, which have a glittery texture, rainbow extract scent and an aluminum, alcohol, and paraben free deodorant!

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