Saje Natural 'Ready to Roll Oil Blend' Bar boost energy and calms

By 9/04/2018 02:37:00 PM

The start of September is about Fall season, but also means the pre-push into the holiday season. Which can mean so much stress! If you can use a little soothing, then try some aroma therapy with the "Ready to Roll Blend Bar" from Saje Natural Wellness.

The Ready to Roll Blend Bar ($50.95) equips anyone, no matter their age, with plant-based remedies formulated to boost energy, stimulate the brain, and keep the mind clear and calm.

The Set Contains:

  • Brainstorm – refreshing and invigorating creating a sense of balance and heightened awareness
  • Energy – natural pick me up with stimulating rosemary essential oil
  • Stress Release – calming and grounding to be used throughout the day or night creating a sense of relaxation
  • Peppermint Halo – revitalizing peppermint helps immediately transport you to a state of alertness, focus and support

Along with the "Ready to Roll Blend Bar", Saje Natural Wellness has over 500, all-natural, safe and effective products to help your family stay healthy during the coming months.

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