Sheer Dress lifts and tones without shapewear

By 8/20/2018 02:15:00 PM

Women of all shapes and sizes will now be able to leave behind all those confining corsets, awkward undergarments, and cramped cinchers that feel restrictive and add more bulk.

Sheer Sebag, founder of SHEER, has released her new innovative dresses that combine the power of shapewear and compression garments - all in one piece.

SHEER dresses come in two distinct styles, a Mini and a Classic. The secret sauce behind SHEER dresses is the patent-pending three-layer lining technology built discreetly within the dress, that work together to shape, lift, and tone the body - without adding the extra layers or bulk that come with traditional shaping undergarments.

Together, these three layers give women every amazing benefit they could expect from a great shapewear dress - all in one piece - removing the need for shapewear all together!

Shipping anywhere in the world, with a "no strings attached" free shipping and return policy, SHEER is selling direct to consumer with prices ranging from $325 for the Mini and $375 for the Classic.

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