Bonding Bees subscription box helps couples reconnect

By 4/23/2018 05:53:00 PM

These days, it’s so easy to fall into a routine that lacks a little romance. After the dogs have been fed and the kitchen cleaned - break out your Bonding Bees subscription box. This monthly subscription box has 4 fun activities to help couples reconnect, from the comfort of their own home!

Bonding Bees is a refreshing way to experience new things with your partner. Every box is a surprise, so you can both look forward to what’s getting delivered to your front door each month!

Each box contains a game, an activity, creating a culinary masterpiece, and a relationship building exercise. Whether you’ve just met, or have known each other for years, this is a fun way to help you learn something new about each other.

  • Activities include couples trivia games, painting activities, cocktail recipes, and more!
  • Three levels of subscriptions include: Curious (month to month), Crushing (3 months), and Committed (6 months).
  • Learn more, challenge each other and rekindle the spark from the comfort of your own home!

In an effort to give back, each box helps a child in Brazil who is currently living in poverty. Additionally, a ‘Couple of the Month’ is randomly selected and Bonding Bees will make a donation to a charity of their choice!

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