Michael Zweig Fidget Spinner Jewelry Collection

By 12:11 PM

Fidget spinners are all the range! But they can be more then hand held items. Michael Zweig, a New York-based fashion and jewelry designer has unveiled his latest creation, the Smallest Working Fidget Spinner Jewelry Collection.

Featuring a tiny fidget spinner, which is a popular rotational product, atop a carefully customized ring piece, this jewelry item will revolutionize how people portray their collection of fidget spinners.

This ring is a real working fidget spinner that comes with all of the benefits and stress relief of normal fidget spinners," said Zweig. "They are critical inventions for people who have trouble with focusing or frequent fidgeting. With my latest jewelry piece, now consumers can take their fidget spinners with them wherever they go – right on their hands."

Additionally, the collection also includes a fidget-spinning necklace, earrings and bracelet.

To see more Fidget Spinner Jewelry, visit: www.michaelzweig.com

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