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Experience Britney Spears’s rise to fame, from Mouseketeer to sold-out performances in Las Vegas, when Britney Ever After DVD (SRP: $14.98) arrives at Walmart on August 15 from Lionsgate.

Britney Ever After on DVD

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While I wasn't a major fan of Britney, I did enjoy her music and felt like her life circumstances and a few bad choices got the better of her. I think there's so much more to her then what the media showed. Sadly this DVD didn't really show this. For me anyway. I was hoping to see some parts of Britney life that wasn't so tragic.

While towards the end we did get some positivity, for the most part this just went over a lot of the drama moments that surrounded the pop star. And the guys she dated, married and broke up with. Which I felt limited her. She did more then date Justin Timberlake!

And sorry but the actress Natasha Bassett didn't really capture the feel of Britney. Again for me. But to give her credit, she did dance well. That made the performance moments highlights of the movie!

So while your not going to learn anything new or deep from this Britney Ever After DVD, it does offer some moments that are entertaining. And if your into the drama of celebrity life then there's lots for you to watch.


This LIFETIME® Original Movie follows the tumultuous story of pop icon Britney Spears: her rise to fame, fall from grace, and eventual triumphant resurrection, firmly securing her position as one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Britney Ever After stars Natasha Bassett as Britney, Nathan Keyes as Justin Timberlake, and Clayton Chitty as Spears’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline.


Natasha Bassett (Desolate, Hail, Caesar!), Nathan Keyes (TV’s “Glee” and “Cleaners”), Nicole Oliver (Sausage Party, TV’s “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”), Clayton Chitty (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, TV’s “The Man in the High Castle)

This dramatic scripted feature brings to life the heartfelt story of the pop sensation’s rollercoaster of fame leading up to her incredible comeback and her status as a cultural icon.

Featuring the characters of Justin Timberlake, iconic boy band *NSYNC, and Kevin Federline.

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