Double Dare OMG! 2in1 Detox Face Mask Review

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Who doesn't love a little self pampering with face masks? A self facial always makes me feel refreshed and my skin a more renewed after a long work week. Anything to turn back the hands of time!

Double Dare OMG! 2in1 Detox Face Mask Review

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by Christina Chin, who's hip, fashionable and located in New York City.

I got to spend a little quality time at home trying the Double Dare's OMG! 2 in 1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask ($6), which provides a deep cleansing skin care system.

I also got to try on the OMG! Mega hairband ($8) to wear and keep away my hair and flyaways as I used the face mask kit.

Let me just say the Detox Bubbling Mask is super bubbly and frothy when you apply to your face instantly! I loved that bubbly sensation and felt that it was cleansing my face for the 1-3 min you leave the mask on before taking off and rinsing your face. Already felt refreshed.

After lightly patting my face dry, I applied the pre-wet 2nd Microfiber Mask and left it on for a full 20 minutes while watching TV to pass the time. The mask didn't harden or dry out by the time I removed it and as much as you want to rinse off your face after, DON'T! Gently massage in the excess serum into your face to continue absorbing the nutrients for a healthier glow.

Double Dare OMG! 2in1 Detox Face Mask

After the kit, I did feel my face felt moisturized, hydrated and clean and a nice little dewy glow!

Double Dare OMG! 2in1 Detox Face Mask

The 2-step process is very easy:

  • STEP 1 – Detox Bubbling Mask Detox Bubbling Mask will cleanse and detoxify the face with natural ingredients.
  • STEP 2 – Microfiber Mask Microfiber Mask will feed the skin with various nutrients, hydrolyzed collagen and plant-based stem cells to give your skin a healthier, younger looking glow.

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