DAZI Skinny Ties for Men

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Give the special guy in your life a tie that will stand out from the rest -- a DAZI skinny tie. These high-quality skinny ties come in many unique designs, styles, and colors that perfectly match any suit or outfit — at a very affordable price!

DAZI Skinny Ties for Men

All DAZI ties are handmade from high-quality imported fabrics. Each tie is approx. 2.5" wide at the tip and 58" in length, which is perfect for every height; they fit perfectly on even the tallest of guys! Each tie is lined on the inside with a fun, unique fabric to add character and quality

DAZI Skinny Ties for Men

Discover the different designs from DAZI:

  • Ron Burgundy: Great with black or tan slacks, this trendy tie is a swirl of white flowers in deep red and one of DAZI’s most popular styles.
  • Deep Sea: Perfect for any occasion, wear this simple, white floral print that blends in nicely with the light shade of green.
  • White Floral: Get tons of compliments on this fun floral style handmade from high-quality imported fabrics. Dad’s small fry can match his pop with this best-selling tie in kid-size, with a pre-tied knot and clip that attaches easily to the top of the shirt collar that will fit most boys up to 6 years old!

About DAZI

After struggling to find great ties at low prices, DAZI founder Nate Ipsen began to design and sell skinny neckties at competitive prices. The mission of DAZI [daw-zee] is to provide customers with a line of unique ties of unbeatable quality

To learn more about DAZI, visit www.daziusa.com

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