Hard Candy TROLLS Cosmetic and Hair Products

By 11/03/2016 10:32:00 AM

Time to Trollify your hands, lips and hair with Hard Candy! Hard Candy has created a specTROLLular, Limited Edition collection of cosmetic and hair products that Poppy would love!

Products available include: Metallic Mousse, Popping Pigments glitter trios, glitter palettes, shadow palettes, Color Changing Lip Gloss, Mood Lip Balm, Marbleized Lipstick, Prismatic Star Highlighter and Hair Chalk Tin.

Whether you’re a kid or just feel like one, be sure to catch the Hard Candy Trolls collection or they will disappear just like bad feelings when you watch Trolls on November 4th!

The Hard Candy Trolls Collection appears only at Walmart beginning on November 1st.

To learn more about Hard Candy, visit - www.hardcandy.com

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