4 Fashion & Home Products for National Cat Day

By 10/26/2016 06:05:00 PM

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? Here's a few great cat themed products you can use to celebrate your love for the felines.

  • Show the world you may be a "crazy cat lady" but you have style with these Cat Fashionista tees. Starting at $19.99
  • For the cat parent feeling guilty their cat is home all alone, the Kittyo is the solution. Kittyo lets them watch, speak to, play with, and record their cat when they’re away. They can even dispense treats! $249.99.
  • Self-admitted “Crazy Cat Ladies” aren’t afraid to let everyone know it. Now they can with these stylish Zana Products totes for $29.

Looking for something for your cat also? Check out these items from www.TheRefinedFeline.com

  • The Lotus Cat Tower and Shelves are the ultimate designs for the cat lover to catify their home while maintaining an aesthetic d├ęcor. Prices start at $74.99.

  • With winter approaching, cats will be looking to stay warm over a heat source.. With the A-Frame Cat Bed from The Refined Feline, the perforated platform allows airflow from vents to heat the cushion and provide a comfy place to snuggle into during their cold months. The A-Frame sells for $99.99.

Happy National Cat Day!

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