Use 5miles App to Buy & Sell Super Bowl Memorabilia

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This weekend is the Super Bowl, and if you're a football fan looking to snag some memorabilia for your favorite team then check out the 5miles App, which allows you to buy and sell items and services with your smartphone within five miles.

5miles features Super Bowl memorabilia from a variety of teams – from autographed jerseys to game balls. It also provides a list of household services, such as party caterers, while following the industry’s safest verification methods.

The app uses the GPS location on your phone to reach buyers and sellers in your area. Once an offer is accepted, the app uses a private portal to arrange the item exchange. The app is safer than similar platforms because it doesn’t allow the sharing of personal information on a description, and a messaging system keeps contact information private.

Chief Executive Officer Lucas Lu set out to build 5miles after being scammed twice on Craigslist. The app asks users to verify their identity by text, email, Facebook or all three.

Users can also rate each other after a transaction. 5miles also guarantees that all photos of goods that sellers upload to the app are checked by an “Awesome Experience” team within 15 minutes of being posted to catch any objectionable or illegal goods.

5miles is free – unlike some similar apps – and also has differentiated itself by including services from freelancers, small businesses and etc.

So, for Super Bowl fans looking to show off their team colors or needing last-minute party caterers, the 5miles app is the place to go.

5miles will air a regional ad in the second quarter of the Super Bowl. You can watch the 5miles 30-second spot is here:

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