Wear Halftees for comfortable layered styles

By 1/30/2016 02:27:00 PM

Like the layered look but not wearing all those layers to create it? Then try Halftee, a comfortable undertee designed specifically to show off the neckline and sleeves of a layered style without getting all bundled up in the fabric.

 photo halftees_zpsbjqdngot.jpg

Halfee has a smart, sleek design that will spruce up a wardrobe. The modest neckline provides fuller coverage, while the chic shape helps eliminate excess heat and tiresome tugging and pulling.

 photo halftees2_zps4ckhfuny.jpg

Each Halftee is rose-petal soft, breathable and extremely comfortable and it undertee stays put because of the signature band. It’s the perfect base for those creative, unique layering styles whether it’s a rugged, sporty, bohemian or no-nonsense look.

Choose from a wide range of sleeve lengths, materials and stunning colors to fit the right outfit, mood and layering needs.

The Halftee prices range from $18.99 to $34.99 and can be purchased online at www.halftee.com

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