Stop & Shop Limited Time "Pumpkin" Products

By 2:06 PM

Stop & Shop are once again introducing new and unique pumpkin products to it's Limited Time Originals private label.

Stop and Shop Limited Time

The Limited Time Originals Stop & Shop pumpkin-infused products includes pasta sauce, ice cream, waffles and hummus to specialty meal solutions like pumpkin fully cooked organic chicken, pumpkin & sage ravioli and pumpkin bisque.

Or pick up pumpkin cheesecake cookies, pumpkin cinnamon rolls or pumpkin gelato for your next autumn celebration!

“Last year, Stop & Shop’s Own Brands Pumpkin items were a hit with customers and we are excited to usher in this season with an expanded offering of pumpkin-inspired items for them, said Arlene Putterman, Manager of Public and Community Relations at Stop & Shop New York Metro Division. “The Own Brands Pumpkin collection is another example of Stop & Shop’s commitment to providing both exciting gourmet options and affordability for our shoppers.”

There's more than 50 seasonal pumpkin-packed products in both the non-perishable and fresh departments, which can be found in all stores since August 28. However, these pumpkin products are only available for a short time, so grab them before they’re gone.

For more fall recipes, including pumpkin-related recipes, visit Savory, Fast, Fresh & EasyTM on Stop & Shop’s website

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