Alapure Line of Marula Oil-based Skincare Products

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Alapure Cosmetics, founded in 2013, is an all natural skincare and cosmetics company determined to positively transform women’s lives from the inside out.

Alapure Line of Marula Oil-based Skincare Products

During a trip to South Africa, Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics, was introduced to Marula Oil, made from the ripened fruit of the Marula Tree. Marula Oil is considered an ancient beauty secret and has been used by African women for thousands of years for healing and as a sunscreen. The miraculous Marula Oil is protein rich and has antioxidant, anti-aging properties and is also used to diminish the appearance of scars.

Planning her own natural skincare and cosmetics line for the past 20 year, connected with this exposure to Marula Oil and its magic, led Jill to create Alapure.

The launch of Alapure Cosmetics enabled Jill to create the “Alapure Lifestyle” that is built around healthy living-mind, body and spirit, along with uplifting and empowering women to be beautiful and confident.

The extensive product line for Alapure that includes body lotions, body butter, an all-natural enriched Marula Oil, and botanical hand-made soaps, all infused with Marula and other essential oils.

Each product is all natural, free of parabens, not tested on animals and formulated with ingredients that are known to sooth and moisturize the skin while improving its appearance.

In addition, the “Alapure Lifestyle” manifests itself through Jill’s partnership with women’s cooperatives in Africa, where the Marula fruit is harvested. These alliances empower both the women and their families and illustrate Alapure’s commitment to social entrepreneurship.

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