K6 Skin Care Line is Vegan, Organic & Aloe Vera Based

By 3/12/2015 05:47:00 AM

K6 Skin Care, an organic aloe-vera-based line designed to accommodate all ethnicities and skin types, is rapidly gaining popularity due to its green philosophy and naturopathic roots.

K6 Skin Care Vegan Skincare Line

Developed by naturopath Sharon Krahn, the K6 Skin Care provides a safe, organic, aloe-based, natural, effective skin care line that benefits all skin types- especially hyper-sensitive skin.

The results: a skin care collection that nourishes and effectively delivers on the 6 signs of healthy skin: smoothness, even tone, even texture, unnoticeable pores, luminous color, and proper hydration.

K6 Essential Collection – more than beauty, its wellness
  • Reveal, an active enzyme peel, the results of which are immediately seen and felt. Reveal utilizes the anti-aging powers of vitamins A, C, and E and uses green tea, rosemary, and echinacea to protect from free radical damage. Reveal uses air-activated enzymes to separate the dead skin cells from the outer layer of epidermis.
  • Clean, an antioxidant cleanser, cleans the skin without removing its natural moisture barrier. Clean is effective for all skin tones and types due to the botanicals and nutrients working in it to reduce inflammation, reduce free radical damage, and reduce signs of aging. Clean is a non-foaming facial cleanser that is so effective it even removes waterproof mascara without stinging or burning the eyes.
  • Preserve, an anti-aging moisturizer, is revered for its natural, plant-based anti-aging ingredients. Three ingredient systems working together with organic botanicals that protect the youthfulness of skin while reducing the signs of aging effectively make Preserve a “forever” product.
All K6 Skin Care products yield visible results with all the best nature has to offer and NONE of the toxic ingredients found in so many beauty products.

To learn more about K6 Skin Care, visit - www.k6skin.com

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