Taylor Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tools that Cuts Down Clutter

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Spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Then check out these multi-purpose kitchen tools from Taylor – each of these items serves more than one function in the kitchen, helping to de-clutter your kitchen area.

Taylor Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tools that Cuts Down Clutter

Taylor Digital Scale with Measuring Cup -First of its kind. Combining the 2 in 1 convenience of a precise digital scale with a handy measuring cup. Automatically converts 5 preset ingredients from ounces to cups – flour, sugar, milk, water and oil. Weight/Volume Capacity: 6.6 lb/4 cups

 SRP: $39.99 Retailer: Amazon.com

Taylor Plan & Prep Four Event Timer with Whiteboard - Times up to four events at once with four unique alarm tones. Convenient whiteboard plus dry erase pen for notes. Each event times up to 24 hours, 59 minutes. Stand or hang with magnet.

SRP: $14.99; Retailer: Amazon.com

Taylor Trivet Scale - Woven stainless steel platform that is heat resistant to use as a trivet. Includes clear, dishwasher safe plastic cover to use to weigh or for storage — or weigh directly on stainless steel platform. Spring loaded LCD readout tucks away when not in use

SRP: $39.99

Taylor Stainless Steel Floating Thermometer - The perfect thermometer for monitoring the temperatures of soups, sauces and stews. Floats, even after stirring. Zones for poach, simmer, scald and boil. High heat resistant stainless steel construction–temp range: 120°-240°

SRP: $7.99; Retailer: Sur La Table and specialty gourmet stores

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