Gray Away Colors Hair in Just 10 Seconds #GrayAway

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For women looking to cover gray hairs between salon visits, Gray Away by EVERPRO Beauty is a convenient solution. It extends the life of hair color saving both time and money.

Gray Away Temporary Hair Color

About Gray Away

A revolutionary breakthrough in hair care—GRAY AWAY is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily touch-up gray roots. No more costly, in-between visits to a hair colorist. In just seconds, you can spray away the gray. Temporary color has never looked so good!

Gray Away Temporary Hair Color

Features include:
  • Unique pinpoint applicator provides targeted coverage
  • Self-adjusting color technology matches any hair color
  • Fast drying & sweat resistant
  • No mixing, no mess
  • Washes out with shampoo
One thing I like about Gray Away is that it contains no dyes. Instead it contains mineral derived pigments and is safe for everyone to use!

Gray Away is $12.99 for 1.5 oz. and is available in drugstores nationwide and online.

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  1. This looks like a great product and everyone has 10 seconds to spare!

  2. Good idea for being on the go! Sometimes you just don't notice until out in the natural light.

  3. Sounds like a great product. Now I know what to look for and expect when my time comes.

  4. I need this. I need to do my hair every month because of the grays. Amber N

  5. I don't have grey hair to worry about yet, but this was interesting to read.