Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Icon at Boost Mobile with No Contract

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Plan on spending lots of time enjoying water related activities? Then you'll want to take along the Kyocera Hydro Icon which is a waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof 3G/4G LTE/Enhanced LTE Android smartphone.

Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Icon at Boost Mobile

Right now Boost Mobile is offering the Kyocera Hydro Icon without a contract for the priced of $149.99. The Kyocera Hydro Icon is perfect for summer fun at the lake, the beach or pool. With the Hydro Icon, water damage worries will be a thing of the past.

Kyocera Hydro Icon is the newest addition to Kyocera's successful Hydro Series of waterproof Android smartphones, all of which can be completely submerged in up to one meter (3.28 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Icon at Boost Mobile

Built with affordable style and everyday protection in mind, Hydro Icon features a Military Standard 810G design to prevent damage from shocks and drops.

Additionally, Kyocera's award-winning Smart Sonic Receiver audio technology allows users to hear conversations more clearly in noisy outdoor areas. And now, the Kyocera Hydro Icon can access Nationwide Sprint 4G LTE and Enhanced LTE networks, allowing customers to experience blazing-fast speeds that match their fast paced lifestyles.

Boost Mobile’s new Monthly Unlimited Select plans offer value-conscious consumers three easy-to-understand plans that all include unlimited talk, text and data[3]. Boost Mobile further simplifies the consumer shopping experience by making the Monthly Unlimited Select plan available on all phones in its device portfolio.

Boost customers will no longer pay more to use a smartphone vs. a basic phone; even the new Kyocera Hydro Icon is available on the $40/month service plan with access to 4G LTE.

To learn more, visit - www.boostmobile.com

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