Rohto Relief Cooling Eye Drops for irritated eyes

By 6/25/2014 12:49:00 PM

While I am happy that we had Spring and now Summer season, I know that it's also allergy season and some of my readers have to deal with irritated eyes.

For readers dealing with this, Rohto Relief Cooling Eye Drops could be a product to help since it can soothe the seasonal itch and burn from increased pollen counts, dust and Ragweed.

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops ($4.99 – $6.99) are the only eye drops with Freshkick technology, an intense cooling formula that works on contact to refresh and sooth your eyes for up to 8 hours, while relieving irritated eyes symptoms.

The eye drops come in a variety to suit your irritated eye need including:
  • Rohto Cool (Redness Relief)
  • Rohto Arctic (Redness Relief)
  • Rohto Ice (Multi-Symptom/ Redness Relief)
  • Rohto Hydra (Dry Eye Relief)
  • Rohto Relief (Itch Relief)
From redness, to dry eye, to itch from environmental irritants, Rohto Cooling Eye Drops has a cooling solution that refreshes, moisturizes and provides fast-acting, relief for irritated eyes.

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  1. my eyes get dried out in certain season.

  2. i would like to win this for my husband who gets dry eyes.

  3. Because me and 5 kids suffer from allergies in misery

  4. My sister gets allergies and could use these.

  5. i am online all day at work and my eyes get very dry

  6. My eyes red and itchy due to allergies I would like to try these.

  7. I suffer from dry irritated eyes and would love to try this to see if I can get relief.

  8. I have horrible dry eye!
    Love Rohto!
    Great Products I have tried their other ones.

  9. boyfriend has eye issues every so often.. this would be good for him

  10. sometimes my eyes get irritated

  11. I want to win these drops because my eyes are always irritated and dry during the warmer weather.

  12. I have allergies that turn my eyes red and have heard that these drops will help. I've also seen these featured in magazines.

  13. I would love to win this Rohto Relief Cooling Eye Drops because it would relieve my irritated eyes symptoms!
    Thank You So Much

    Fiona N

  14. My eyes are constantly dry so I think it would be great to try this.

  15. I would love to try this. I got to the doctor every 3 months or so and get plugs, prescriptions, etc... My eyes are so so so dry and I have allergies that never stop.

  16. My husband has very bad allergies and his ears are always itchy this would be great.