Osense: Aromatherapy to Fight The Winter Blues

By 1:05 PM

Thanks to its natural ingredients and aromachology properties, Osense is a must have mood enhancer to fight winter blues.

Osense Aromatherapy to Fight The Winter Blues

Osense fragrances has been created by French master parfumers in order to created an alchemist formula that will awaken your senses. As a result, Osense is offering 4 different fragrances to suit the desire mood that people are wishing for.

For a winter to summer fragrances:
  • Under the Stars of Ibiza: For a tonic and joyful moment
  • Escapade to Ipanema: Have a sensual and charming atmosphere
  • Sunbathing in St Barth: Feel a warm and peaceful atmosphere
  • Summer night at St Tropez: To become relax and harmonious

Each pack contains 24 baguettes and a mini baguette holder. SRP: $20.00 per pack. Made in France. Osense is exclusively available in the US on www.opensky.com/craftingbeauty

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