Use PRO Beauty Tools "Bango" for Flawless Bangs In No Time

By 5:45 PM

Bangs are one of the hottest trends this year but it comes at a costly price. Constantly maintaining your flirty fringe with frequent visits to the hair salon puts a burden on your expenses and time.

Bango by PRO Beauty Tools Gives Flawless Bangs

Introducing Bango by PRO Beauty Tools, an at-home trimming tool that will make cutting and styling your bangs quick, easy, and mistake-proof!

Bango helps trim the parts of the hair that often grows out faster than the entire haircut—bangs, split-ends and top-layers!

The patented design of the Bango was created by Trey Burnette, celebrity stylist, who has teamed up with PRO Beauty Tools to bring this fool-proof tool to consumers everywhere. He invented Bango after noticing his clients would trim (and mess-up) their own bangs between haircut appointments.

The tool is calibrated with a three comb tension that holds hair in place as tightly as a stylist would. It has straight and arched cutting edges with teeth that work to create numerous bangs styles including: blunt bangs, textured bangs, side bangs, top-layer trims, short hair, men’s bangs and children’s bangs.

Now you can skip the salon and become your own speedy stylist by using the Bango kit which includes a Bango, a 6” pair of precision shears, 2 sectioning clips, a comb and an instructional DVD.

Bango is currently available at and for $15.99.

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