ISO Beauty's Wet & Dry Flatiron

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When the clock is ticking down and there's only time for a quick blow dry, ISO Beauty's ISO Pro Wet & Dry flatiron will turn those locks from water-logged to luscious.

ISO Beauty's Wet & Dry Flatiron

The Wet & Dry flatiron is a professional grade piece of styling equipment that can be used to bring hair results from the shower or when you need a quick touch up. The secret to taming wet locks is all in the design.

Built with 2" tourmaline plates, it has a natural source of negative ions that reduce heat damage, creating smoother, shinier, and softer hair in the process. The iron also features holes along the top and bottom that allow the compressed steam to safely float away and leave behind shiny more vibrant strands.

This sleek flatiron fires up in about 20-30 seconds and reaches 450 degrees so the desired look can be achieved without the wait associated with typical irons. It's the perfect tool for on-the-go when you need to be ready for the day or night ahead in a snap.

Alon Peled launched the brand with the idea that a person's hair is a part of their self-expression. The innovative tools, hair extensions, hair care shampoos, serums, and more are all developed to keep women and men looking their best for years to come.

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