The GirlyGoGarter unique alternative to handbags

By 11/21/2013 01:18:00 PM

Call it the new hands-free purse or the garter with pockets. This sexy new piece of lingerie called The GirlyGoGarter is a modern day garter invention that uniquely stashes essentials (plus phone) discreetly hands-free undetected under your outerwear.

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"The GirlyGoGarter offers ladies not only a handbag alternative but a unique new way to wear and carry their 'purse',"' says inventor and first time designer Andy Paige, also author of the internationally best-selling Style on a Shoestring and TV stylist to Celebrity Apprentice, NBC’s Emmy winning Starting Over, TLC’s Ten Years Younger, Style Network’s How Do I Look, and SOAP NET’S Soap Talk.

The GirlyGoGarter is a smart, sexy, lacey garter with pockets that securely holds your phone, cash, credit card, I.D., lip gloss and more. It adheres to your upper thigh with patent-pending GentleFlex Grippers that hold up to 3 lbs without slipping. .

The outer layer is a sophisticated, durable lace with easy-access pockets. The inner layer is lingerie-quality, moisture-wicking microfiber with lock-flap pockets.

The GirlyGoGarter comes in RED for the current Holiday season, WEDDING BLUE for brides, BLACK for Saturday nights out, HOT PINK for Valentine’s Day, and NUDE for everyday events and activities. Sizes are according to your trouser size: Size 3 (fits 0-6), Size 2 (fits sizes 8-12), and Size 1 (fits sizes 14-18).

Available now in over 200 retail stores for $29.95, GirlyGoGarter is changing how women carry their essentials (plus phone). Learn more at

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