Wedding Gift Idea: Create a Craft Beer for the Newlyweds

By 11:02 AM

This wedding season, instead of opting for the standard blender or toaster, get creative and craft a specialty beer or wine for the newlyweds. This is a fun, easy project to get together and create a personalized, unique wedding gift for your friends.

Midwest Supplies Beer or Wine Craft Kits

If you're not feeling especially crafty, you can always give the gift of a beer or wine kit! Midwest Supplies has a wide variety of recipe kits for both beer and wine to ensure there is a unique drink for each couple to fall in love with.

Whether they love pale ale or a cabernet sauvignon, with Midwest’s label making supplies you can customize the bottles for the couple.

Specially crafted wines are ready to drink in about three months, while homebrew craft beers can take only a couple days to a couple weeks. The Midwest Supplies staff is available on the customer service line to answer questions.

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