HealFast SkinCare uses egg to nourish skin

By 6/21/2013 03:37:00 PM

Fortitude Health, LLC recently announced the launch of HealFast SkinCare, a new line of nutritional based skincare that uses egg as a unique nourishment source to provide the skin with vitamins, minerals and proteins. By combining this technology with pure essential oils and herbal extracts the HealFast Skincare brand seeks to bring good nutrition to healthy skin care.

HealFast SkinCare uses egg to nourish skin

The basis for HealFast SkinCare is quite simple. An egg has every vitamin, mineral and protein necessary for life. HealFast SkinCare uses the egg as a nutrient source to produce products that can be deeply absorbed into the lower layers of your skin to help rebuild collagen that will improve elasticity while reinforcing the firmness and radiance.

The HealFast SkinCare launch collection premiers three key products, each of which contain the brand’s Ovasome Technology:
  • Egg Cream Cleanser - Formulated for all skin types this gentle cleanser will leave skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. It effectively removes dirt oil and make-up without drying the skin.
  • Eggsential Hydro-Repair Mositurizer - Fast absorbing and scientifically formulated to increase hydration in the skin. This nutrient rich cream fights free radical damage in addition to reducing the appearance of fine lines and dry skin. Light weight and perfect for under makeup.
  • Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream - Designed to specifically address the concerns around the orbital eye area. Corrects and prevents puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Skin will appear brighter, more firm, lifted and toned.

The use of eggs to impart beauty on our skin has been around for over a thousand years. Throughout the years all of these recipes have had one thing in common. They used the egg white and threw away the yolk.

Egg whites contain a high concentration of protein which can have tremendous benefit for skin, hair and nails. The yolk is essential because it contains all the vitamins and minerals. Almost all skin care treatments today are based on using vitamins and minerals as active ingredients.

To learn more, visit - http://www.healfastskincare.com

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