Frownies eye gels to treat fine lines & puffy skin

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Frownies aims to bring women a complete skin care line that provides lasting results with naturally healing propensities of anti-oxidants to protect, renew, and regenerate damaged cells, preventing fine lines and helping to reshape the toll time has taken on the skin.

Frownies eye gels for smooth looking skin

For everyone, the delicate skin under the eye is one of the first areas to show signs of age. Frownies' Eye Gels is one of the easiest ways to treat it. These nutrient packed gels contain cactus collagen, Bearberry, vitamin E, C, and B3, Hyaluronic acids and more to treat fine lines and puffy bags.

All it takes is 30 minutes weekly to smooth this area, fight free radical damage, and improve the overall integrity of the skin, and between uses, make sure to keep the eye gels moist with the help of Frownies' Rose Water Hydrator Spray.

The rose essential oils found in Hydrator Spray formula are an antibacterial wrinkle treatment that not only prevents blemishes but can be used with the Eye Gels to refresh and activate them.

When spending the day out keep skin hydrated and healthy with the Rose Water Hydrator Spray. This anti-aging toner plumps fine lines and is the perfect pick me up for skin after working out at the gym, traveling, or hanging out at the beach.

The Frownies business has passed down through the women of the Krosen family since 1889, and is now captained by naturopath, certified nutritional consultant, author, and wellness educator Kathy Wright. Frownies has been endorsed by actors throughout the years including such beauties as Raquel Welch and Renee Russo.

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