Intimate Affair with Crème Bralée Lingerie

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As a curvy woman, it has always been difficult for me to find sexy lingerie. The bras are not attractive and look generic. Even that oh so famous woman's lingerie store (who name I won't mention) only cater to "normal size" breasts. The more material the higher the price. How unfair is that?

Intimate Affair with Crème Bralée Lingerie

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Written by guest blogger, Denise Wei-Vital, who blogs on Boyz Rule Our World

Last week I attended the launch event for Creme Bralee by QT Intimates. They are undergarments that cater to the full figured women. How excited was I to finally see a company that knows what real women look like these days.

As I previewed the garments I was so impressed. They were sexy in an elegant way. Not trashy which a lot of brands assume when it comes to making full figured lingerie. There were an assortment of colors, materials and styles. I fell in love with so many pieces that I can't wait to place an order for myself.

One of my favorite sets was the Colette. It's an unpadded embroidered bra with a matching panty. The delicate design is sexy and I love how the designer added a little jewel to the center of the bra to give a feminine touch. There was a model at the event that modeled the Amanda clam shell bra in a raspberry satin. This set came with a garter belt which I've never worn before but is so darn hot!

Intimate Affair with Crème Bralée Lingerie

Creme Bralee is the vision by designer Liz Marrell. I spoke to Liz for a few minutes and asked her what inspired her to do this line. She wasn't a full figured woman so it intrigued me. Simply she stated "I'm a woman and I know what I like. I realized that sexy lingerie was missing for the curvier women and it shouldn't be like that at all." I totally agree!

Creme Bralee is available in sizes that range from 32-48 and cup sizes C-G. You won't find a bra over $34.00 which I appreciate the low cost. They are not sold in many retail locations yet but keep an eye out for them. I'm sure they will be soon.

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