Indigena SPORT Skincare Opens Flagship store in Canada

By 5/12/2013 04:47:00 PM

Indigena, a Canadian skincare brand that produces local, rare and indigenous antioxidant rich products, opened it's first flagship store at downtown St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada.

Indigena, who has been heavily involved in R&D since inception in 2009, most recent collaboration with National Research Council has given Indigena a leading edge in the global Cosmetic market.

Indigena SPORT Skincare

Indigena SPORT Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub 200ml, $60.00 USD, 15ml , $16.00 USD
Indigena SPORT Muscle Recovery Balm 200ml $50.00 USD
Indigena SPORT Bikini Babe Soap 20.00 USD

Mr. Amit Negandhi, Head Research Scientist of Indigena says
"We have now identified, for the first time ever, extracts from 12 plant species native to Newfoundland which have shown high antioxidant capacities. These extracts, currently only possessed by Indigena, have shown the ability to scavenge ~90% of free radicals in vitro, which are responsible for skin ageing and damage. These are and will be used by Indigena in formulating anti-ageing products..........." 
The first of which is Indigena Sport Muscle Recovery Balm.

To celebrate its vital connection to nature Indigena will be donating $1 from every sale from April and all of May month with proceeds going to new plantings at MUN Botanical Garden.

Company Founder, Lisa Walsh, says “Indigena’s philosophy embraces protecting the environment in all aspects of its operations. Our new store reflects our strong connection to the provincial landscape and its people”

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