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Alef Bet is more than a jewelry company, it's a brand focused on bringing pieces imbued with positive energy to everyone from young fashionistas to older fashion mavens. While Alef Bet's first specialty is in crafting beautifully detailed Jewish designs, they are also quite adept at harnessing spiritual energies in ways that appeal to everyone.

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Give a stunning gift with a purpose by choosing one of Alef Bet's Bendel Bracelets. These Bendel Bracelets feature a bright red string that symbolizes spiritual and physical protection, and are garnished with chic charms in the shapes of hearts, Chai symbols, Chamsas, and more.

For a sparkling touch, the Evil Eye Designer Necklace shines like no other. This intricate piece features stunning white diamonds surrounding a sapphire center that is meant to protect its wearer and bring him or her good luck. Also available is the Delicate Evil Eye Necklace whose design is more on par with modern tastes with a simple eye paired with a diamond perched on the chain above.

The Tree of Life is a motif seen throughout time depicting an elegant tree stretching its limbs out into the world. This beautiful design is not just for looks, but is also a symbol worn to give its wearers awareness of their environment and the beauty and life around them. Alef Bet has incorporated this charm into many a stunning necklace to bring beauty and blessings to its wearer.

Inspired by faith, fashion, and forward-looking designs, Alef Bet Jewelry has grown into a worldwide company devoted to creating pieces imbued with detail, grace, and the inner faiths of all.

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