Tip Top Shoe Saver repairs crease in pointy shoes & boots

By 3/31/2013 07:15:00 AM

The pointy-toe shoe is classy and timeless, but it is inevitable that a crease will appear at the toe and it’s impossible to avoid since fabric and leather will stretch over time—especially as a woman on-the-go.

Tip Top Shoe Saver

Created by a shoe-obsessed fashionista, Tip Top Shoe Saver is the must-have accessories to preserve the life of our shoes, helping to repair the crease at the toe and preventing it from returning.

Tip Top Shoe Saver is a small insert for the tips of pointy shoes and boots. Once inserted into the shoe, it helps shoes return to their original form. Made for everyone, it’s one-size-fits-all with adjustable inserts that help mold to any shoe size or shape.

Schlepping back and forth from work to home or a night on the town, we are causing damage to our shoes (especially the right one—and did you know the right shoe is the first one to go?). Tip Top Shoe Glove is a protective covering that is placed over the shoe when driving. Comfortable and hassle-free, it will protect most fabric, leather and suede shoes and includes a waterproof lining.

Tip Top Shoe Saver ($14.99) and Tip Top Shoe Glove ($16.99) are the affordable, easy way to keep your shoes looking as if they just came out of the box—like an insurance policy for your shoe collection.

To learn more visit - http://www.tiptopshoesaver.com

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