Sara Haley New Sweat Unlimited Workout DVD

By 3/28/2013 01:29:00 PM

Tackle those pesky pounds this Spring with help from Sara Haley and her new DVD Sweat Unlimited. With workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes, you will have no excuse to not get moving. Sara’s workouts are designed to give you the long lean body you desire, with legs that will look great in your Spring sun dresses.

sweat unlimited dvd

Sweat Unlimited is an exclusive work out DVD designed for the fit and healthy woman who is looking to stay active and energized during a busy day. Sweat Unlimited™ will keep you feeling focused and strong and give you the motivation you need to work out more regularly.

It includes 4 different workouts with a bonus stretch routine and a mix and match option menu.

  • Sweat Extreme 5: Trigger, Tone, and Tighten: 5 minutes of Sara’s most effective and energizing exercises that wake up, strengthen and challenge your entire body. 
  • Sweat Strength 15: Burn, Baby, Burn: 15 minutes of total body sculpting that keeps your heart rate up and your muscles burning 
  • Sweat Box 45: 45 minutes of Tabata-inspired intervals that alternate between boxing drills and core exercises to give you a metabolic burn and core blast 
  • BONUS: Sweat Stretch 5: Reach, Relax, and Rejuvenate: 5 minutes to breathe, stretch and relax as you focus on decreasing muscle soreness

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