Lock Laces shoelace fastening system

By 3/09/2013 09:21:00 AM

LOCK LACES are new, easy-to-use shoelace fastening system that allows you to assured that your shoelaces will never come undone. Its elastic laces provide firm yet flexible stretch-fit comfort, the spring-loaded lock is fast and easy to adjust, and a unique cord tip clip protects lace ends.

Lock Laces shoelace fastening system

LOCK LACES meet the demands of all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing performance while training. They provide sustained compression across the foot, increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles to help manage fatigue. Plus, they’re comfortable and convenient enough for casual, everyday use, allowing for shoes to slip on and off easily, eliminating the need to constantly tie and untie.

Lock Laces shoelace fastening system

LOCK LACES are available worldwide in black, brown, white, cool gray, hot pink, cotton candy pink, navy blue, purple, orange creamsicle, red, royal blue, yellow, and sour green apple.

To learn more, visit - http://www.locklaces.com

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