PlusMotif Fashionable iPad Cases

By 2/21/2013 04:47:00 PM

Now more than ever tablets have become part of our daily lives, and eReaders are just as common to see around the pool as books, or the latest copy of your favorite magazine! Using your tablets and eReaders outside can be a little risky, but it doesn’t have to be with PlusMotif.

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PlusMotif makes fashionable and functional interchangeable cases for iPads, iPad Minis, Kindles and Android Tablets. With 16 different colored cases to choose from and 72 motif designs to snap on and off, PlusMotif allows you to be the stylist and design your own look to fit your mood.

Whether you’re feeling whimsical, wild, vibrant or fresh, PlusMotif has a combination for you. With cases starting at $34.99 and interchangeable motif designs as little as $4.99, PlusMotif is guilt free accessorizing for your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, or Android Tablet.

In addition to personal design and protection for your tablets, PlusMotif interchangeable covers come with a dual stylus pen. You can jot down notes on the included traditional notepad, or on the touch screen of your tablet – it’s the best of both worlds. The stylus will work on any touch screen device.

What’s more, the case is foldable and enables you to interchange the position of the device and the notepad. It also transforms into a stand, in several configurations, so you can find the perfect angle to prop up your tablet while following new recipes in the kitchen or reading by the pool.

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