New Hold Me Baby Bag Makeup Organizer

By 2/21/2013 12:26:00 PM

The Hold Me Bag and the new Hold Me Baby Bag are the only all-in-one makeup organizer bags that incorporate the best features of an organizer, makeup bag, and brush roll, in a modern way. The patented design keeps cosmetics and brushes perfectly stored yet within easy access for daily use as well as for travel. Recommended by makeup artists and beauty professionals.

New Hold Me Baby Bag Makeup Organizer

The new Hold Me Baby Bag is a smaller version of the original Hold Me Bag and is the perfect size to carry in a purse. The Hold Me Baby Bag is offered in twelve different patterns ranging from bright to muted prints, as well as "Baby in Black", a solid black selection.

"We have created this smaller scale version at the request of many of our customers who have asked for a cosmetic organizer bag that they can tuck in their purse. Those who consider themselves 'makeup minimalists', and have less makeup and fewer brushes to store also asked for a smaller version of the original Hold Me Bag." states Cheryl Cooper of Hold Me Company.

Inspired by a vintage schoolgirl's book bag, the Hold Me Baby Bag closes with a wrap-around self-tie that accommodates varying degrees of content. The exterior of the bag is made of Knew Suede, a man-made vegan fabric that is easy to clean, sleek, and soft to the touch. The interiors are made of laminated, 100% cotton fabric in a choice of patterns.

The Hold Me Company continues to keep a "spotlight" with "special pricing" on one bag, a portion of those "spotlight" sales donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Hold Me Bags are hand-made in the USA, retail for $55 to $95 and can be purchased online and at fine makeup and beauty supply retailers.

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