Chaka Khan Line of Chocolates & Candles

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Ten-time GRAMMY Award winner Chaka Khan will introduce two of her signature products in the GRAMMY® Gift Lounge, in conjunction with the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards Ceremony on February 10, 2013. GRAMMY performers and presenters will be treated to gifts of Chaka's gourmet chocolates, Chakalates, and her Khana Sutra candles. The international music icon and entrepreneur will be in the lounge during GRAMMY Week to meet and gift talent.

Chaka Khan Line of Chocolates and Candles

Chaka's sweet and sexy gourmet chocolate line is a reflection of the legendary singer, who knows her chocolate. Chakalates are gourmet delights from Chaka's recipe of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, with velvety bass notes. The health-conscious diva, who recently combatted diabetes and high blood pressure by losing 75 pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, lets us know that these 12 sumptuous candies are not as guilty a pleasure as one might expect.

Dark chocolate, she notes, is good for our hearts and brains, help lower blood pressure, and, can help control blood sugar. But her chocolates are still candy, so indulge in these sweets in moderation, she advises. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the chocolates will benefit the Chaka Khan Foundation, which supports women and children in crisis.

Whether Chaka is in a different country, an unfamiliar hotel, or a new venue, candles are what make every new and unique place "home." Khana Sutra by Chaka Khan was born to soothe the mind, relax the senses, and center the body.

Khana Sutura candles are formulated with natural soy wax and the highest quality lead-free wicks for long lasting and lean burning candles. The nature-inspired fragrance of pine is made with the highest-grade essential oils and natural ingredients, concentrated perfectly to quickly scent your space without overpowering. Fragrances are compounded with the ultimate combination of top, middle, and bottom notes to ensure that the "warm throw" (scent while burning) matches the "cold throw" (scent while cold).

Chakalates and Khana Sutra candles are available online at

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