The Reality of FASHION & AIDS Runway Fundraiser Event

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The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS  is a New York Fashion Week fundraiser slotted to take place on February 9, 2013 in New York City.


The open to the public event is slated to have names such as Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore, Janice Dickinson, Alex McCord, Courtney Robertson, Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Lil Kim and more walking the runway to raise money for AIDS. RFRA has received considerable praise along with an even amount of backlash. Shocked at many of the mixed messages surrounding the HIV/AIDS awareness event, the creator of RFRA released a statement:

"I am well aware of the reputation that many Reality Stars carry. However, everything that you see on television is not real. Many people have stated to me that reality stars have no talent and that I should not be showcasing them. That showcasing them during a time like NY Fashion Week promotes that they somehow are entitled to this fame," states 31-year-old CEO of Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR Monique Tatum. "If you ask me, Reality Television is not going anywhere. If a single cast can get millions of viewers to tune in episode after episode for family arguments, Cabo travel, or a night on the town, then when they stand up for something that's real and quite serious, such as AIDS, people will listen. It is not about talent. We love them, and love to hate them because reality television is relatable. We see aspects of our lives, people we know and friends. That is why I created this event. People will listen because these stars are relatable."

The 300,000 people estimated within the U.S. that are infected with HIV / AIDS and are unaware of that fact is what Monique Tatum hopes the public will listen to. The messaging in recent months for the event states that these staggering numbers continue to grow yet can easily be slowed and diminished by regular testing, educating yourselves, family and friends.

"I have worked with these stars over months of show planning. These stars are intelligent, warm hearted, and extremely proactive about the cause. They are not being paid for their charity efforts for RFRA and are using the fame that many people believe they do not deserve for a much greater good. That is a fact that should be recognized and highly commended," continues Tatum.

Tickets for the event begin at $50 and go to $1000 and can be purchased directly by calling 877.841.7244 or online at

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