Simply Eartha home décor honors Eartha Kitt with artistic, natural & uniquely crafted products

By 1/23/2013 10:47:00 AM

What you might not have known about legendary celebrity Eartha Kitt is now revealed in a new lifestyle brand established by Kitt Shapiro, the daughter of the famous star.


The Simply Eartha brand, which will start with the launch of home décor items that utilize the images, writings and wisdom of Eartha Kitt, is designed by Shapiro to communicate her mother's style and empowering messages. Using the images and likeness of Eartha Kitt helps to acquaint consumers with the brand.

"People may be shocked to learn the amazingly fundamental, holistic lifestyle and easy living philosophies of my mother," Shapiro explained. "Establishing the Simply Eartha brand is my tribute to my mother and a way to share the wonderfully beautiful organic and humble way of life that my mother lived, taught and exemplified."

Eartha, her given name, was very ahead of her time, living a 'green' lifestyle before it was chic. She recycled everything and had organic fruit and vegetable gardens throughout her entire life. In addition, she maintained her signature voice and shapely physique through a personal fitness regiment which included daily running, weight training and stretching.

Shapiro will evolve the brand to include products that do not necessarily use images or writings of her mother, but they will represent the elemental principles that Eartha Kitt lived and shared with her daughter.

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About Simply Eartha:
Simply Eartha honors Eartha Kitt with products that have her artistic sensibility, using natural, recycled and uniquely crafted materials. These high style products are made in the U.S.A. and offer a real connection to the past with a modern appeal.

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