TouchBack Plus Color System Shampoos & Conditioners

By 11/09/2012 06:20:00 PM

The TouchBack Plus Color range ($29.99, each sold separately) includes restorative sulfate-free Shampoos and Conditioners that protect against the harmful effects of UV rays and prevent oxidation and fading.

TouchBack Plus Color System

The TouchBack Plus Color Shampoo deposits a layer of shiny color to both natural and color-treated hair, while the hydrating Conditioner infuses hair with luminous, rich color.

The Clear Shampoo maintains that salon-fresh, vibrant shade intensity, while also smoothing and repairing damaged strands and enhancing hair’s natural shine.

The Clear Conditioner quenches parched strands and provides optimum fade protection.

Available in eight shades – Rich Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn.

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