RadaPro Portable Nail Station & Bracelet Assistant

By 11/12/2012 01:12:00 PM

How many times has a bracelet clasp just slipped out of your grasp, or an at-home manicure gone awry? You can now solving those simple annoyance with RadaPro new Portable Nail Station and Bracelet Assistant.

RadaPro Portable Nail Station

The Portable Nail Station has everything needed for a professional looking manicure or pedicure whenever the mood strikes. It includes a hand and foot support stand, polish holder, easily accessible accessory tray, pump bottle for polish remover, and washable 100% cotton slip covers. It's also small enough to tote along to the next girls' night and get everyone involved in the fun.

RadaPro Portable Bracelet Assistant

The Bracelet Assistant is the traveler's best friend thanks to its unique packaging and the helping hand it lends. Only seven inches in length, its compact frame stores a fold-away device in a fully lined box that comes with a little extra room for bracelets to be stored.

Simply open out the tool, adjust the clamp to the desired height, and place one side of the bracelet in its opening. Then, with the other hand, bring the other side over and clasp the ends together. Men and women and right and left handed folks alike can enjoy the benefits of the Bracelet Assistant.

For additional information, visit www.radapro.com

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