Zyrtec & Rebekah George Fall Allergy Beauty & Makeup Tips

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Many people might think allergies happen only in the Spring time but they happen during the Fall season also.

This week I attended a fall beauty event sponsored by Zyrtec where I was treated to a mini-makeover while learning tips to survive the fall allergy season from beauty expert Rebekah George

While sitting down for my mini makeover, Rebekah George explained a few quick and easy ways to diminish eye puffiness and which colors will help draw away from facial redness caused by allergies.

First tip of course was to take a ZYRTEC, which starts working the first day you take it, and provides 24 hour relief. Rebekah other makeup tips included:

For Eyes
  • Avoid irritating your eyes by applying mascara just to the tips of your lashes – it gives you the look of an open and defined eye with less risk of upsetting eyes.
  • Rim your inner lids with a white pencil to help brighten up eyes and wake up your face.
  • Stash two spoons in the fridge at all times. Take them out and place on top of your eyes whenever your eyes are puffy. The metal from the spoons holds in coldness longer so you get better results than using cucumber slices.
  • Stick with lighter shadow colors – taupe, khaki – they are made with fewer dyes so they are less likely to bother your eyes. Bonus – they are in this fall!
For Face
  • You don’t need to go overboard on makeup to combat Allergy Face - the key is less is more.
  • Store makeup brushes in a sealed bag to prevent dust from setting in or wipe them off with a tissue after each use to reduce contamination.
  • Try an ombre lip to keep the focus on your lips. Burgundy is also a major trend this fall, so consider trying a deeper color on the lip
For Nose
  • Use a copper bronzer and pink blush combination to really give skin oomph to help reduce redness.
  • Use a lotion with a green tint to help disguise redness from constant blowing your nose.
  • Always buy fragrance free lotion-treated tissues.
To hear more beauty tips from Rebekah visit www.youtube.com/zyrtec and www.ustream.tv/zyrtec

For more information about allergies, product information, and special offers, visit www.zyrtec.com

Note: I was invited as media and received a gift bag after the event. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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