la Boda de tu Mejor Amigo Digital Release (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

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A hilarious and provocative Mexican remake of the popular romantic comedy, LA BODA DE MI MEJOR AMIGO (My Best Friend’s Wedding), arriving on digital on May 7 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


Follow college friends Julia (Ana Serradilla) and Manuel (Carlos Ferro), who had agreed to marry each other if they were still single at age 35. But in an unexpected turn of events and just a week before Julia’s 35th birthday, Manuel announces that he is marrying rich and beautiful Pamela (Natasha Dupeyrón).

Suddenly, Julia comes to the realization that she is madly in love with him and vows to stop her best friend’s wedding at all costs! To help her in her quest to boycott Manuel’s wedding and win his heart over, she decides to enlist her gay best friend (Miguel Ángel Silvestre)…But she will soon learn why some lines are meant to never be crossed.

Highly acclaimed and seductive Spanish actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre (“Narcos S3,” “Sense8,” “Ferdinand,” “Velvet”), Carlos Ferro (“Reina de Corazones,” “La Jefa del Campeón”) and Ana Serradilla (“La Viuda Negra”) lead an all-star cast in the Mexican modern take on the 1990’s fan favorite

La Boda de mi Mejor Amigo - Tráiler Oficial

Directed by Celso García, based on the original script “My Best Friend’s Wedding” written by Ronald Bass which was adapted into Spanish by Gabriel Ripstein, LA BODA DE MI MEJOR AMIGO was produced/executive produced by Daniel Birman Ripstein and produced by Gerardo Morán Castellot.

The film has a run time of approximately 109 minutes and is not rated.

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