Kayo Body Care products rejuvenates your skin

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Kayo is designed with face grade active ingredients to protect, enhance and rejuvenate 100% of your skin, not just the 5% on your face.

Kayo Body Care products rejuvenates your skin

Kayo delivers exactly what the skin on the rest of the body needs and provides the resources needed to fortify your body the way you do your face.

You might use a toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, spot treatment, masque, SPF on their face, which is just 5% of the body, and nothing on the other 95% of the skin? What about the rest of your body?!

The line includes:
  • The Beautiful Body Creme
  • The Beautiful Body Oil
  • Firming Serum
  • Remodeling Serum
  • Vitamin Boost

Kayo Award winning products are now available at high-end retailers such as Revolve, Ron Robinson, Four Seasons South Beach, Park Hyatt NY and Violet Grey.

To earn more, visit www.kayobetterbodycare.com

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