Gaffer&Child: Vegan-friendly Skincare

By 12:30 PM

LA based skin and haircare line Gaffer&Child features five ethically-sourced products. From pomade to facial serum to shaving butter and facial cleanser, Gaffer&Child has made it their mission to use only food grade ingredients in their products.

Gaffer and Child Vegan-friendly Skincare

Farm-to-face plays on the same philosophy of farm-to-table of ethically sourced and sustainable beauty products but takes it a step further.

Replacing synthetic ingredients like plastic exfoliating beads with broccoli beads and preservatives with lavender, Gaffer&Child lives up to its vegan-friendly standard one vegetable and herb at a time.

Gaffer&Child’s founder Grigore Madikians’ background as an executive in the produce industry influenced his desire to create a skincare brand that uses only food grade ingredients. Marrying his knowledge on the benefits of produce as skincare and his passion for an eco-friendly lifestyle, Madikians’ “Give A Damn” philosophy was born.

Gaffer&Child products range from $26-34 and can be purchased online on Amazon Prime and

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