DLYN Bottle: alkaline antioxidant water from ordinary water

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With the DYLN Alkaline Living Water Bottle, you can now have premium water in just 15-20 minutes! Energize your water and empower your body by transforming ordinary water into alkaline antioxidant water with the help from Vitabead Diffusers.

DLYN Bottle makes alkaline antioxidant water from ordinary water

Besides being the highest quality stainless steel water bottle on the market, the DLYN Bottle also has the benefits of

  • Increases the pH up to 9+ to restore balance in the body
  • Reduces the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) to less than -150 to create antioxidant water to neutralize free radicals
  • Microclusters the water molecules for enhanced hydration
  • Removable silicone sleeve grip available in DYLN Blue, Charcoal, Lime Green, Tango Orange and Neon Pink
  • Made with 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, unlike competitors who only use 304 food-grade steel
  • The ability to track your usage so DYLN can automatically update you when it’s time to replace your Diffuser
  • BPA and toxic free

DLYN Bottle makes alkaline antioxidant water from ordinary water

The Matte DYLN Bottle costs $46.00 and the Chrome DYLN Bottle costs $52.00 with options to buy additional diffusers.


Offering innovative products that enliven the body, DYLN Inspired makes it easy to experience the energy of nature. For the yoga and wellness enthusiast, the athlete, and the health-conscious, DYLN Inspired creates products designed to cultivate your healthiest potential. The DYLN Inspired mission is to bridge the gap between convenience and wellness while inspiring others to raise the bar when it comes to the quality of their life.

To learn more, visit - www.dyln.co

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