Grand Voyage luxury men’s footwear

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Founded in late 2015, by footwear veteran, Robert Nand, Grand Voyage is the first-true luxury men’s footwear/accessory brand, producing the highest quality, artisanal product at a fraction of traditional retail cost. The brand is designed in Los Angeles and produced exclusively in Italy with the modern gentleman in mind.

Grand Voyage luxury men’s footwear

“Chivalry is not dead, it just needs a new brand ambassador”, says Robert Nand, Founder & President. Grand Voyage believes in the idea of the modern gentleman and has specifically designed the brand around this lifestyle. “Being a gentleman is not associated with age or social class; it is a choice that is consciously made from within. We offer him the style and confidence he needs to be the man he aspires to be.”

The launch collection includes five styles, the Bowie Chelsea Boots, The Belmondo High Tops, The Allen Blucher, The Davis Derby and The Kerouac Slip On. Prices range from $195 to $295 retail.

The accessories collection will launch Fall 2016

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