The T-Mobile #DataStash During CES 2015 #CES2015

By 4:37 PM

During CES 2015 T-Mobile fans dashed around as the company delivered over $10K in cash, prizes, and smartphones to CES attendees and Vegas residents.

The T-Mobile DataStash During CES 2015

In Un-carrier style, T-Mobile led CES attendees throughout the CES footprint, making a mad dash from locations like the Starbucks at the Convention Center to the Samsung booth, where attendees also got to hang out with a few superheroes.

The T-Mobile DataStash During CES 2015

The T-Mobile twitter handle announced cryptic clues of where to go for the chance to win $1,000 or a prize pack filled with smartphones and accessories. Throughout the day, the 10 locations doled out over $10,000 from the T-Mobile stash to data hungry conference attendees.

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